Recipe: Chicken Tacos

Serves 4


2 Chicken Breasts - Cut Into Strips
Corn Tortillas
Corn Flour
Red Cabbage
Spring Onion
1 Lime
Dried Shallots
Soy Sauce
Vegetable Oil
2 Egg Whites
Cupie Mayo
We Rub You Korean Hot Sauce


  1. Mix 1 part soy and 1 part Mirin in a bowl and add 4 sliced spring onions place the chicken pieces into the marinate and cover and place in the fridge for at least 2 hrs.
  2. Finely slice or grate the red cabbage & carrot.  Add coriander and top with dried shallots and set aside
  3. Mix 6 tablespoons of Cupie mayo and 2 teaspoons of Korean hot sauce (you can change amounts to suit tastes) set aside
  4. Heat oil in a heavy based pot ensuring enough for shallow frying approx 2cm
  5. Place egg whites in one bowl and corn flower in another 
  6. Using tongs dunk each piece of chicken first in the egg then in the corn flour and straight into the oil and cook for a couple of minutes turning once until golden brown.  Drain chicken on paper towel
  7. Meanwhile get your corn tortillas ready by warming them up as per the packaging instructions 
  8. Finally add cabbage salad to the tortillas and squeeze with lime then place chicken pieces on top and drizzle with the sauce
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